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Athlete Careers Programme

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Adecco has 17 branches around New Zealand, each branch has made a commitment to have a staff member dedicated to ACP and working with Athletes.

In the past each branch has been encouraged to develop a relationship with the local HPSNZ advisor, this hasn’t necessarily work well for either party. Moving forward we would like to suggest one referral point for all athlete referrals which are then allocated with in the Adecco framework.

Adecco NZ now has a Social Responsibility Manager who can commit to ACP and the athletes 100%. The can be the prime point of contact for all the HPSNZ Advisors and referrals. The referrals can then be managed on an on going basis. This should help in all aspects including the reporting.

Part of their role is to increase the aware of ACP and Adecco in general with the Athlete.  This could include:

  • Being part of workshops to talk through CV writing, interview tips, basic coaching of athletes in preparation for entering the workforce.
  • Setting athletes up with online learning
  • Having a presence at national sporting events to talk one on one with Athletes about ACP programme and/or work and career opportunities
  • Having an open and honest relationship with the HPSNZ advisors so the two parties can work collectively for the good of the athletes

It clearly defines who and how Adecco can help athletes, these may not necessarily be Paralympians but need to fall in to the category of Elite Athletes, someone training to represent their country and the highest level.  Our goal is to help as many athletes as possible with what ever support we can give them. 

For more information contact: tsmith@adecco.co.nz or +649 309 7572


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