Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) is proud to launch a new identity for the New Zealand Paralympic Team. 

With your eye on Paris, LA, or Milano Cortina, there is one thing that unites you all … the desire for a place in the history books for representing both New Zealand, and the Paralympic Movement.

Over two years in the making, the new emblem is a natural evolution  for the Team who up until today, have represented Aotearoa under the PNZ organisation logo. 

With one year until Paris 2024, there is no better time to reveal this exciting change for one of New Zealand’s most successful and inspiring sports teams. 


In the lead up to Tokyo 2020, One Team, One Spirit was launched, a brand positioning unique to the NZ Paralympic Team, designed to unite Paralympians, support staff and fans all over New Zealand.

The development and adoption of One Team, One Spirit demonstrated an appetite for a Team brand.

Strong feedback came through regarding a desire for a brand identity … an emblem earnt by and unique to the Team that you could take true ownership of.


Following a collaborative process with Paralympians, Para athletes, the PNZ Athletes’ Council and key stakeholders, a final emblem was found.

Our objective was to develop a brand unique to the NZ Paralympic Team that resonates with the NZ public, ensuring we continue to grow engagement and recognition of our Paralympians and the Paralympic Games. Deliberate use of a common fern has achieved synergies between the Team and PNZ emblems. 

It is our intention to further grow the legacy of the Team and proudly honor the 227 Paralympians who have previously worn the fern with pride.


Intrinsic to the design was the idea that although our athletes compete in both summer and winter events, they are one. Equally important is the representation of the staunch wider team … supporters, partners, stakeholders, family, friends and of course, the fans. Together these elements make One Team, One Spirit.

Coinciding with 55 years since the NZ Paralympic Team first competed at a Paralympic Games in 1968, the brand identity ensures the Team is promoted equally to its sporting counterparts and will assist in the ongoing development of a strong Team culture. 

We acknowledge those who have gone before and seek to inspire generations of Kiwis and Para athletes to come.

We are proud to launch the NZ Paralympic Team emblem.

The emblem

NZ Paralympic Team logo with fern and agitos device

Monday 28 August 2023 celebrates one year until the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, and public launch of the new brand identity.

Watch the NZ Paralympic Team legacy film ‘TOGETHER – KA TŪ TAHI’ below, detailing the Team’s rich legacy, along with Paralympians and Paris hopefuls sharing their path to Paris 2024.

White fern graphic with team logo and "one team one spirit" tagline