Do you love the Paralympic Games and New Zealand Paralympians as much as we do?

As you may know, the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will follow the Tokyo Olympic Games and take place soon between 24 August and 5 September.  We would love you to join our celebrations during this time to support our team in Tokyo and help us support future generations of Paralympians.

Anything Gold Goes

We’re inviting you to choose a date between 24 August and 5 September and host a ‘Paralympic Party’ of your choice where anything gold goes. Invite family, friends or colleagues to join the party and make a gold coin donation. 

Your ‘party’ could be a morning tea, a pot-luck dinner, a competition or a quiz – the key is to Show your Spirit of Gold. Why not use it as an opportunity to watch some Paralympic Games coverage and cheer on the NZ Paralympic Team Organise your ‘party’ to coincide with the Para swimming finals or New Zealand’s Wheelchair Rugby games.

For inspiration, check out our NZ Paralympic Team and insights into the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games here

Register your Paralympic Party today – email [email protected]


Download the Paralympic Party Toolkit for Schools here

Download the Paralympic Party Toolkit for Organisations here

Download Paralympic Party Posters here A4 A5

Download our Paralympic Party Bucket Wraps

Download your choice of Paralympic Party Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom 1: Gold Splash

Zoom 2: Spirit of Gold

Zoom 3: Anything Gold Goes