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Drug Free Sport Testing


Doping in sport is a very hot topic at the moment and it’s important you are aware of your rights and responsibilities leading up to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. There will undoubtedly be a higher volume of testing, and therefore a greater chance of athletes testing positive, whether deliberate or not.

Here are a few quick reminders.


Athletes in the testing pool must submit accurate and detailed whereabouts for the full period of the games. Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) will advise athletes of any other whereabouts requirements during the Games period.

At the games

Testing may occur at anytime or place. All athletes are also subject to doping control from the day the village opens, until the closing ceremony. Testing may be undertaken by the International Paralympic Committee, or your International Federation.

In competition

Tests will apply from 12 hours prior to each competition you are entered in, until its completion.

Doping control

Ensure you take a representative with you for any doping control tests and be compliant with the doping control process. If you have any concerns about the process, ensure you record these concerns on your doping control form.

Medications and TUEs

Please check all medications on Global DRO –

Apply for a TUE prior to using any prohibited substance or method.

All TUE’s will be reviewed by the IPC. TUE’s already issued which cover the games period ,must be submitted to the IPC by 5th August 2024.

Retroactive TUE’s can only be applied for in cases of medical emergency, so do not get caught out.


Using supplements can lead to positive tests so please follow all precautionary procedures as listed on the DFSNZ website and elsewhere. If you are in any doubt about the safety of the supplements you wish to use, don’t use them.


DFSNZ will be working with PNZ to provide education seminars. You are strongly encouraged to attend, as it may save you from making a critical mistake, which could end your sporting career. DFSNZ have online education tools to assist you if you cannot attend a webinar.

Support for clean sport

It is important that as New Zealanders, we reinforce the pride we take in competing clean at home, and in international competition. Please use every opportunity you can, through the media or your personal conversations, to emphasise your support for clean sport and your confidence in the programmes we run. We are all on the same team. Please contact us with any queries you have about anti doping, we would love to talk to to you. Best wishes for your preparation and performance.

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