Posted on Tuesday 1st June, 2021

Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) is thrilled to be starting a new crowdfunding campaign in partnership with BoostedSport.

PNZ is fundraising for equipment for the PNZ Para Cycling Development Programme. This programme works with participants through various stages of development, from community to high performance, running development camps and offering a range of support programmes at each stage. The main objective of the Para cycling Development Programme is to increase participation in Para sport, specifically Para cycling.

Many of our Paralympians started at the community level, and it’s thanks to Para sport role models, leaders and initiatives such as the PNZ Para Cycling Development Programme that they have progressed to represent New Zealand on the world stage. The successes of these athletes have made them into incredible role models for disabled people, while also inspiring and educating the public as PNZ works toward a more inclusive and diverse New Zealand.

Activity and sport are so important, providing huge personal value to the lives of New Zealanders. It is crucial that everyone is given the opportunity to participate, uninhibited by a lack of options, access and cost.

This is why PNZ is fundraising to provide equipment to the Para cycling Development Programme, in order to remove the cost barrier to participation and support these Para cyclists on their journey. The new equipment will benefit current and future Para cyclists for years to come.

Road Bike$1,8004$7,200
Track Bike$1,4004$5,600
Hand Cycle$5,0002$10,000

To kick start our fundraising goal, PNZ is working with BoostedSport on their new crowdfunding platform to raise our initial goal of $5,000 for a new Hand Cycle. BoostedSport is a brand-new crowdfunding platform for play, active recreation and sport communities in Aotearoa. We are excited to be one of the first group of pilot projects as they launch.

PNZ is piloting BoostedSport’s new crowdfunding platform as a great way to reach out to our community and raise money together. If we are successful in our crowdfunding efforts with BoostedSport, we will continue to work towards our major fundraising goal of $33,400 for Para cycling equipment.

What is BoostedSport?

BoostedSport is the only crowdfunding platform for BoostedSport is made possible by the New Zealand Sports Foundation Charitable Trust and is supported by Sport New Zealand. As BoostedSport is run by a charitable trust, it entitles 33% tax credit to all donors who support our project.

How does it work?

PNZ has our own page where our community can donate their chosen amount.

If we don’t hit 100% of our target by the closing date, all funds received are returned to our donors, and there are no fees for the kind people who donated to our campaign.

If we are successful, then 90% of the funds raised go to para-cycling! To support BoostedSport’s work and platform, they receive 10% of the funds as a platform fee.