Games type: Summer Paralympic Games
Games year: Arnhem 1980
Medal won: Bronze
Para sport: Para athletics
Gender: Female
Date of Birth11 April 1956
IwiTe Arawa
OccupationManager in disability development
Impairment (Disability)Visually impaired

Tewai’s journey started as a child attending South Auckland’s Homai College which provided specialist education for blind students. Enjoying sport thanks to a passionate PE teacher she started competing in Blind Sports. In her early 20s, she was selected to the New Zealand Paralympic Team to compete at Arnhem 1980 where she won a bronze medal in the discus. Coming back from the Netherlands, Tewai focused on her studies and started a social work diploma. It helped her pursue her passion for disability development in the Pacific region. In 2003, with Latoa they established Vision Pacific, a charitable trust that helps disabled people live an independent life.

A feature story on Tewai can be found here.

Tewai officially received her ‘numbered’ Paralympic pin as part of The Celebration Project in Auckland in February 2020.

Paralympic results

1980Arnhem 1980 Paralympic Games Bronze Women's Discus A