If you’re celebrating a special event, and you don’t want or need gifts, you can create a registry with Goodregistry.com and instead of gifts, you, your friends and family can give simply to Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ). 

All you need to do is:

  1. Choose the event you’d like to give away — a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Easter, Christmas, Christening, baby shower, engagement or farewell, house-warming, family bereavement, public speaking events, the list goes on
  2. Choose PNZ as the organisation you’d like donations on your behalf to go to and write a few words about why
  3. The Goodregistry.com team will give you a unique link to share with friends, family and others through social media, wedding or party invitations, or by email or word of mouth.
  4. Anyone who wishes to contribute can visit your page (using your unique link), make an online donation, and share a message.
  5. You and your gifters will be able to see how much is raised (on your page) and celebrate that (but we won’t show the individual value of each gift).
  6. At the end of your event The Goodregistry.com team will tally up donations, let you know how much was raised, and make the donation (less their service fee) on your behalf to your chosen charity.

The Goodregistry.com team is also very happy to help you create your registry. Email them if you’d like their help: hello@thegoodregistry.com

Thank you for your donation and supporting Paralympics New Zealand.