Established in 2001, Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) recognises individuals who have given outstanding service to the organisation and Paralympic Sport by awarding them a PNZ Order of Merit.

NameRegionYear Awarded#
Dr. Ian Campbell*Wellington2001
Mr. Graham Condon*, QSMCanterbury2001Paralympian #4
Mrs. Kathy CondonCanterbury2001
Mr. Dave Currie, CNZMAuckland2001
Mr. Ron Guthrey*, OBECanterbury2001
Dr. John Heslop*, CBEOtago2001
Sir Paul Holmes*, CNZMAuckland2001
Mr. Phil HumphreysCanterbury2001
Dr. Norrie Jefferson*, OBEOtago2001
Mr. Duane Kale, ONZMWellington2001Paralympian #96
Mr. Keith McCormick*, MNZMCanterbury2001Paralympian #18
Mr. Jim McKieCanterbury2001
Dr. Jack Pow*Canterbury2001
Mr. Clive PowerBay of Plenty2001
Mr. Steve RodgersOtago2001
Mr. Jim Savage, MBEBay of Plenty2001Paralympian #14
Mr. William Utley*, OBECanterbury2001
Mr. Ross Hynds*Bay of Plenty2006Paralympian #24
Mr. Colin Willis, MNZMCanterbury2007Paralympian #54
Mr. Rob Courtney*, MNZMAuckland2009Paralympian #48
Mr. Bruce TockerWaikato2011
Mr. Trevor JamesNorth Otago2012
Mr. Dave Hill, NZOMNorth Otago2014
Mr. Roly Crichton, ONZMCanterbury2015Paralympian #49
Ms. Sophie Pascoe, MNZMCanterbury2016Paralympian #166
Mr. Peter Martin, MNZMWaikato2016Paralympian #100
Mr. Ben LucasCanterbury2019Paralympian #99
Mr. Ken Sowden, MNZMCanterbury2019
Mrs. Raylene Bates, MNZMDunedin2020