Close up of PNZ Order of Merit pin in box

Established in 2001, Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) recognises individuals who have given outstanding service to the organisation and Paralympic Sport by awarding them a PNZ Order of Merit.

NameRegionYear Awarded#
Dr. Ian Campbell*Wellington2001
Mr. Graham Condon*, QSMCanterbury2001Paralympian #4
Mrs. Kathy CondonCanterbury2001
Mr. Dave Currie, CNZMAuckland2001
Mr. Ron Guthrey*, OBECanterbury2001
Dr. John Heslop*, CBEOtago2001
Sir Paul Holmes*, KNZMAuckland2001
Mr. Phil HumphreysCanterbury2001
Dr. Norrie Jefferson*, OBEOtago2001
Mr. Duane Kale, ONZMWellington2001Paralympian #96
Mr. Keith McCormick*, MNZMCanterbury2001Paralympian #18
Mr. Jim McKieCanterbury2001
Dr. Jack Pow*Canterbury2001
Mr. Clive PowerBay of Plenty2001
Mr. Steve RodgersOtago2001
Mr. Jim Savage*, MBEBay of Plenty2001Paralympian #14
Mr. William Utley*, OBECanterbury2001
Mr. Ross Hynds*Bay of Plenty2006Paralympian #24
Mr. Colin Willis, MNZMCanterbury2007Paralympian #54
Mr. Rob Courtney*, MNZMAuckland2009Paralympian #48
Mr. Bruce Tocker*Waikato2011
Mr. Trevor JamesNorth Otago2012
Mr. Dave Hill*, MNZMNorth Otago2014
Mr. Roly Crichton, ONZMCanterbury2015Paralympian #49
Ms. Sophie Pascoe, DNZMCanterbury2016Paralympian #166
Mr. Peter Martin, MNZMWaikato2016Paralympian #100
Mr. Ben LucasCanterbury2019Paralympian #99
Mr. Ken Sowden, MNZMCanterbury2019
Mrs. Raylene Bates, MNZMDunedin2020
Ms. Sandra Blewett*, MBEAuckland2022