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Broadcast and media partners

Broadcast Partners

The New Zealand Paralympic Team is delighted to have TVNZ as the broadcaster of the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games for New Zealand.

TVNZ intend to bring the most extensive coverage for a Paralympic Games in New Zealand to date.  This will include FIVE Channels covering live and delayed content, plus replays and highlights: 

TVNZ1 & TVNZ+                7.30pm – 6.00am Live Daily Coverage with focus on Kiwi events

TVNZ1 & TVNZ+                LIVE Studio Show including mix of Paralympic experts and guests

       FIVE TVNZ+

       Live Channels

TVNZ+                                Replays and highlights

A full schedule will be available at closer to the Paralympic Games. Please note – it is not guaranteed that all Kiwi athletes in competition will be broadcast due to competition footage being supplied to TVNZ from the Host Broadcaster for the entire Paralympic Games.

Photography partners

The New Zealand Paralympic Team has appointed Fiona Goodall from Getty Images as the exclusive team photographer. PNZ also has access to Getty staff photographers at all competition venues. Fiona will be shooting at select venues across the Games and may also visit the Mixed Zones. Many of you will have meet Fiona at the content days or Farewell Event in New Zealand.

Media partners

Michelle Pickles (PNZ Media and Content Lead) and Rebecca McDonald (PNZ Media and Content Liaison), have been officially accredited as NPC Media and Team Press Attache support. Michelle and Rebecca will also support other broadcasters and media in New Zealand throughout the Games by collecting and distributing content from the Games daily. This means that Michelle and Rebecca will also be conducting interviews. They will also be supported by a team in New Zealand who will focus on digital channels including the PNZ website and socials.




Offical Spokespeople

Raylene Bates, Chef de Mission and Lynette Grace, Deputy Chef de Mission will be the official spokespeople for the New Zealand Paralympic Team. Greg Warnecke, Chief Executive Officer and Jana Rangooni, Chair, will be the official spokesperson for the National Paralympic Committee of New Zealand (Paralympics New Zealand).

Para athletes

All Para athletes will have interaction with the broadcasters and Media during the Games, especially after a key competition result or when attending a special event.

Coaches, sport managers & support staff

Other than approving daily Media Schedules (see below), coaches and sport managers are not generally expected to have much interaction with the broadcast partners or media, except in special circumstances.

International media & IPC communications 

It is possible that some international media may ask to interview members of the New Zealand Paralympic Team, and an approach may also be made by the International Paralympic Committee. If so, this will be managed by Michelle and Rebecca and will be put into the Media Schedules (see below).


Media protocols & expectations


Media schedules

Every evening, the head coach or sport manager for each Para sport and official spokespeople will be issued with a Media Schedule for the next day, created by Michelle and Rebecca in consultation with Raylene Bates, Chef de Mission and Lynette Grace, Deputy Chef de Mission, and pre-agreed with the head coach or sport manager. These will be well considered. It is likely this will be updated each morning as requests are likely to come overnight Paris time, from NZ based media.

Media interaction 

It is the current expectation that there are five places where Para athletes and official spokespeople are likely to be interacting with the media, plus the photographer, Fiona:

  1. In the Mixed Zone. The Mixed Zone is an area of each venue that is put aside for use by accredited media. Normally when a heat or race finishes, Para athletes and official spokespeople are guided into the Mixed Zone by officials. When coming through the Mixed Zone, keep an eye out for the photographer and Michelle or Rebecca. It is possible that Para athletes may also be flagged down by international media or by the IPC.
  2. At special events. Media, photographer and Michelle and Rebecca may be attending events.
  3. In the Village. Access to the Village is heavily restricted and carefully managed. It is possible that there may be some interaction with the photographer and Michelle and Rebecca here.
  4. In the Media and Broadcast Centre. In some rare cases, Para athletes and official spokespeople may be requested by broadcasters or media for a longer more detailed interview than possible in the Mixed Zone. Requests will be carefully considered before they are accepted. If accepted, transfers will be organised for the agreed time.
  5. By Telephone or zoom. Michelle and Rebecca will be working with several media back home in New Zealand, to organise zoom or phone interviews, some of which will be recorded for radio use. These interviews will be booked into the Media Schedules.

Media expectations 

Media, Michelle and Rebecca will expect to talk to Para athletes in the Mixed Zone or by phone immediately after competing. This will be put into each Media Schedule for the day. If for any reason a Para athlete cannot stop in the Mixed Zone or needs to postpone an interview, this will be worked around. Examples of why this might happen could include a quick turnaround before the next race, a medical requirement or a visit to Anti-Doping. If this happens, we would ask Para athletes to try and come back later, so that a reaction to a result can be captured.

Media changes 

If an interview has been scheduled and a Para athlete or official spokesperson is no longer able to do it, please notify the relevant head coach, or sport manager or Deputy Chef de Mission, Lynette Grace. Michelle and Rebecca will look to re-schedule the interview at a later time.

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