Posted on Tuesday 5th October, 2021
  • Paralympics New Zealand and Saatchi & Saatchi have created a TV commercial featuring Paralympians that is for sale.
  • They are offering a brand or organisation the opportunity to purchase the commercial and make it their own. 
  • Paralympics New Zealand hopes the ad will result in more Paralympians being considered for commercial opportunities.

Paralympics New Zealand wanted to create a TV commercial to demonstrate how companies could use Paralympians to market their brand.

The ad – which was created by renowned ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi – is filmed in a beautifully gritty style reminiscent of many high-end sports brand commercials. It features four New Zealand Paralympians, Scott Martlew, Anna Grimaldi, Nikita Howarth and Corey Peters. The goal is that a brand or organisation will purchase the ad and make it their own, adapting it to their campaigns.

What’s special about this ad is that it’s not often that we see Paralympians in such advertising campaigns for big brands in Aotearoa. This is even though 1.8 million Kiwis tuned in to watch the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, as well as the hundreds of thousands who connected with their Paralympic heroes on social media during Tokyo 2020. 

Paralympics New Zealand hopes the ad inspires Kiwi businesses to consider increased diversity of inclusion of disabled people in their marketing campaigns and sport sponsorship choices. 

Fiona Allan, Chief Executive at Paralympics New Zealand says:

“We were really impressed with the commercial that had been produced. The idea came up as to ‘why don’t we make the commercial available to a company and seek to sell it?’ As a charity we are always seeking innovative ways to raise much needed funds and we felt this was an exciting opportunity to do just that.

“We see this exciting opportunity as a win/win – Paralympians would appreciate the much-needed financial support and recognition from companies. Companies would benefit from Paralympians as great role models who can bring to life their focus on diversity and inclusion and their key messages to the community, whilst helping create a more inclusive New Zealand.”

Many companies have an increasing priority on inclusion and diversity. Paralympics New Zealand hopes to see Kiwi Paralympians sought as brand ambassadors and included in their marketing campaigns and commercials. With nearly 25% of New Zealanders having a disability, visibility of disabled people, including NZ Paralympians is important. Future generations of disabled children must be able to see disabled role models.

Scott Martlew, Para canoeist who appears in the ad says:

“Funding through sponsorship contracts can make all the difference to our performance levels in sport. It would be amazing to become professional, like many Para athletes overseas. You can see how the bar is raised when the sport is the focus, rather than squeezed in outside of work hours. It’s a balancing act between working to get income and training as well. My dream is to be standing on the podium in Paris 2024. It would be awesome to be able to just focus on training.

“The ad looks amazing. I’m really looking forward to seeing it on TV. New Zealand’s Paralympians are among the very best in the world – and they are just as marketable as any other athlete.”

The ad will be running from 5 October thanks to the support of TVNZ.  The ad will also be promoted on digital billboards with the support of JCDecaux.  For further information about this opportunity and to view the ad, go to

Posted on Monday 4th October, 2021

This as-new TV commercial is now available for sale. It features several incredible New Zealand Paralympians showcasing the passion and commitment these athletes put into their sports.

Ideal for a FMCG brand, Professional Services brand, or any kind of organisation that wishes to associate its brand with inspirational athletes.

This professionally shot commercial has been beautifully captured by renowned advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi.

And it could be yours to own.

Are we serious?

Yes, we are. Offering this ad for sale is a way to increase interest in Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) and our Paralympians.

Most Paralympians find it difficult to get financial backing and personal commercial contracts. Asking companies and marketers to consider buying this TVC for their brand is a way to raise the idea of what Paralympians could add to business and marketing strategies.

How would it work?

We are flexible about what this opportunity could look like. The ad could be re-edited with the addition of branding, or a pack shot. New footage might be shot and added. It could be entirely repurposed or left much like it is.

The Paralympians featured in the TVC include Para canoeist Scott Martlew, Para swimmer Nikita Howarth, Para athlete long jumper Anna Grimaldi and Para alpine skier Corey Peters. They all have their own amazing story. They all have had challenges to overcome. And there are many more Paralympians who would equally be great ambassadors for New Zealand brands. We are open to discussing whatever you might need.

Who is this opportunity for?

We already have some fantastic committed commercial partners who we are very grateful for. But with the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games now behind us, PNZ needs to find additional partners to support the team through next year’s Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games, to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, only two years on. Getting the NZ Paralympic Team to the Paralympics is increasingly expensive. So, while this commercial is likely to sell to just one brand, we are very keen to talk to any organisation willing to support our Paralympians to achieve their goals and inspire the nation.

How much will it cost?

We have several different tiers of partnerships. We envisage the cost of this TVC being part of a partnership agreement, but that could take many forms. Please get in touch for a chat.

Who should you contact?

For more information, to talk through this or any other opportunity with Paralympics New Zealand, (or to just make an outright bid), please contact Jenifer Hunt, Commercial Manager at [email protected].

Are there any terms and conditions?

Of course, there always are. As PNZ is a member of the International Paralympic Committee, a global organisation, there are some partnership restrictions. There are pre-existing global and local partners that may have exclusive agreements. But please contact us to discuss what is possible for your brand and a future partnership with Paralympics New Zealand and our Paralympians.