Posted on Tuesday 6th September, 2022

The Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) Board were thrilled to be presented with the Sport NZ Governance Mark. This accreditation follows three years of governance development by PNZ.

PNZ Board chair Jana Rangooni explained:

“Governance Mark is a great initiative from Sport New Zealand to improve the level of governance across the sector. It has been a really useful exercise for us to look at what we were doing well and where we could improve, which is something all organisations should be doing constantly.”

PNZ Board member Catriona McBean has been heavily involved in the work to attain the Governance Mark. She enthused:

“I am absolutely proud of PNZ. After 3 long years, a rigorous process of self-assessment, third-party review, governance development and reassessment, all interrupted by COVID-19, we’ve achieved this huge organisational milestone.”

Julie Hood, Sport NZ Governance and Planning Consultant explained PNZ’s achievement:

“The Governance Mark indicates that Paralympics New Zealand understands the strategic nature of its role, how to carry that out within an ethical framework, and how to hold itself accountable to stakeholders for its use of time and money.”

Based on internationally accepted good governance standards, Nine Steps to Effective Governance, the Sport NZ Governance Mark is the only externally-accredited governance development programme of its kind internationally with a focus on play, active recreation and sport.

PNZ is the 18th organisation to achieve the standard since it was launched six years ago in 2016.

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