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News posted on Friday 9th February, 2024

Paris 2024 medals to contain a piece of the Eiffel Tower

A Paralympic medal with a red ribbon and an Olympic medal with a blue ribbon hang from a strut of the Eiffel Tower

A symbol of excellence and motivation, Paralympic medals signify the pinnacle of achievement for these elite athletes. Beyond this, they hold the power to captivate and inspire the wider community.

The enduring power of medals lies in their historical significance. They evolve with each edition of the modern Olympic and Paralympic Games. For Paris 2024, the challenge was to infuse the medals with the essence of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, while ensuring they bear the unique signature of Paris 2024.

To achieve this, the creators merged the iconic symbol of the Games, the medal, with the globally renowned symbol of Paris and France, the Eiffel Tower. It was a remarkable creative collaboration. The Paris 2024 Athletes Committee gave significant input. The creation of the medals was entrusted to the creative expertise of the prestigious French jeweller, the House of Chaumet.

The medal design

Through Chaumet’s artistry, the Paris 2024 medals were crafted as exquisite jewellery pieces. Embedded with a piece of the Eiffel Tower, each medal forges a special connection between the winning athletes and Paris.

The Olympic and Paralympic medals share a common design on the reverse side. This includes a hexagon of original Eiffel Tower iron. By incorporating Eiffel Tower fragments into the medals, Paralympians will leave with unforgettable memories of the Games, Paris, and France.

The design on the other side of the medals tells unique stories for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Paralympic medal showcases a distinctive view under the Eiffel Tower, with the words “Paris” and “2024” in universal Braille. This symbolises accessibility and pays homage to Louis Braille. Distinctive touch lines engraved on the medal’s edge differentiate the gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Chaumet’s creative team engraved each medal with the sport, discipline, and event details of the medalist on the edge. Additionally, the ribbon of the medal, inspired by the Eiffel Tower, reflects the monument’s structure. The Olympic medal ribbon is blue and the Paralympic medal ribbon is red.

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