Posted on Tuesday 12th December, 2023

Watch the video to take a look back at 2023, including a number of important initiative launches in the community space, as well as the launch of the NZ Paralympic Team identity.

Next year is an exciting year for us as we take on Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. We’re so excited to have you there behind us. 2023 was a year of stellar performances and the team is looking excellent going into 2024!

Seasons greetings from Paralympics New Zealand and the NZ Paralympic Team. Thank you so much for your support over us this past year. Wishing you a very happy and festive break!

Closed captions are available on the video. Video description is below.

Description of the video – look back at 2023

Time stampAudio description
0:00:00,0:00:08Anna Taylor is a pākehā woman of around 30 years old. She has shoulder length straight red hair. She stands in front of a running track wearing a white blouse.
0:00:11,0:00:15A coach is talking to an athlete in a racing wheelchair.
0:00:15,0:00:18A man holding boccia balls talks to some seated people who are laughing.
0:00:18,0:00:20Children jump over small hurdles in a race on an outdoor running track.
0:00:20,0:00:22Around 12 school kids pose for a group photo with two adults, Paralympians Cameron Leslie and Danielle Aitchison, in a school gym. There are Seeing is Believing teardrop signs behind the group.
0:00:23,0:00:25Five kids and a teacher stand in front of a goal, one boy is wearing a blindfold and bowling a large ball across the room.
0:00:25,0:00:32Anna Taylor speaking at the running track.
0:00:32,0:00:36Para cyclist Nicole Murray races around the velodrome.
0:00:37,0:00:42A male canoeist, Scott Martlew, wears black and paddles furiously. Scott has one leg. There are other canoeists racing on either side of him.
0:00:42,0:00:45A male athlete wearing New Zealand kit, Mitch Joynt, raises his hands in the air in acknowledgement of his name being called before a race. He looks serious.
0:00:45,0:00:49Two women hug Mitch, now draped in a New Zealand flag. They all look emotional.
0:00:49,0:00:55Athlete Anna Grimaldi looks elated as she runs to the stands where she is picked up and hugged by Lisa Adams. Coach Raylene Bates laughs in shock as she looks on.
0:00:56,0:01:02Danielle Aitchison smiles as she talks to camera still wearing her kit from running a race.
0:01:02,0:01:06Cameron Leslie holds up a gold medal and then holds up a bee mascot.
0:01:07,0:01:17Anna Grimaldi talks to camera outside a venue.
0:01:17,0:01:22Footage of the Arc de Triomphe and a plane emitting red, white and blue smoke flying past the Eiffel Tower.
0:01:22,0:01:27Anna Taylor speaking at the running track.