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Types of classification

Provisional Classification

Provisional classifications are temporary classifications and valid for a limited period of time, as dictated by the International Federation (IF) or National Federation (NF) and may be subject to change upon classification assessment by a sports specific classification panel.

Provisional classifications may be allocated to an athlete for a specific sport in one of, but not limited to, the following situations:

  • At an international event where a classification panel is not available
  • At a national event where a classification panel is not available
  • As a national entry level for athletes new to the sport

Provisional classifications may be allocated by a classifier in a face to face consultation in conjunction with a medical certificate of diagnostics or on receipt of a medical diagnostics form.

National Classification

A national classification is a sport specific classification carried out by a classification panel trained by the IF, or under the training recommendations set by the IF.

The classification process is the same process administered by the IF and in compliance with the IF Classification Rules.

A national classification is generally offered at national or endorsed sport events.

Submit your medical diagnostics form.

International Classification

To compete at international level, an athlete must be classified by an international classification panel and their decision overrules any previous classification decision taken by a national classification panel. 
The classification process is in compliance with the IF Classification rules.

Read the International Classification Fact Sheet (PDF, 631KB) and resources on Intentional Misrepresentation (PDF, 104KB).

To understand the responsibilities of athletes, support people and classifiers during classification, see classification personnel responsibilities (PDF, 97.5).

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