Posted on Friday 12th August, 2022

Name: Mitch Joynt
Birthday: 10 April 1995
Home Town: Millwater
Chosen Sport: Para athletics
Coach: Hamish Meacheam
Classification: T64 
Eligible impairment: limb deficiency
Health condition: right leg below knee amputee

Mitch Joynt has always loved sport. As a child growing up near Warkworth, he was either watching it, playing it, or tracking the statistics of teams which he followed. Growing up, he would practice place kicks or drop goals for hours most days at his old primary school rugby field.

In 2013, Mitch had an accident at work which resulted in him having his right leg amputated below the knee. He had to learn to walk again. He credits his attitude as the number one tool for getting through that period.

Mitch wanted to get back into sport as soon as he could. He was introduced to the world of Para sport by a coach who spotted him doing the Auckland Marathon in 2017. He tried javelin, long jump, sprinting and even Para snowboarding, eventually becoming a sprinter. His preferred event is the 200m. 

In 2019 Mitch went to the World Athletics Championships. One of Mitch’s proudest sporting moments was making the 200m final at his first World Championships.

Mitch now lives in Millwater.