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Paris 2024

France will be hosting its first-ever summer Paralympic Games in 2024.

Meet the NZ Paralympic Team

A thrilling Paralympic programme

Arrival of the Paralympic flag at the Hotel De Ville, in Paris at the end of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

The programme will include 22 Para sports and the events will take place from 28 August to 8 September 2024.

This schedule is subject to changes until the conclusion of Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

Key aspects of the schedule include:

  • 22 Para sports on show (23 disciplines), totalling 549 competitions, distributed across 269 sessions.
  • 11 days of exhilarating competition (one day less than the Tokyo Games), which means a more densely packed programme, filled with experiences across multiple disciplines.
  • No competitions the day of the Opening Ceremony, 28 August, so that all the Para athletes can take part in this once-in-a-lifetime event.
  • A strong start, with 11 Para sports on the agenda for the first day of competition, Thursday 29 August 2024.
  • A balanced programme throughout the duration of the Paralympics, with one of the team sports (Wheelchair rugby) concluding on day 5 of the Paralympic Games, on Monday 2 September.
  • A global programme which is closer than ever to gender parity.

Overview of the Paris 2024 Paralympics Schedule

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28 August, Wednesday, OC: abbreviation for "Opening Ceremony"29 August, Thursday30 August, Friday31 August, Saturday1 September, Sunday2 September, Monday3 September, Tuesday4 September, Wednesday5 September, Thursday6 September, Friday7 September, Saturday8 September, Sunday, CC: abbreviation for "Closing Ceremony"
Blind footballUncheckedUncheckedCheckedUncheckedCheckedUncheckedCheckedUncheckedCheckedUncheckedCheckedUnchecked
Wheelchair rugbyUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUnchecked
Para judoUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUnchecked
Para taekwondoUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUnchecked
Wheelchair fencingUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUnchecked
Para archeryUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUncheckedUncheckedUnchecked
Para triathlonUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedCheckedCheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUnchecked
Wheelchair tennisUncheckedUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUnchecked
Para table tennisUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUnchecked
Wheelchair basketballUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedChecked
Para badmintonUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUnchecked
Para powerliftingUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedChecked
Para swimmingUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUnchecked
Para athleticsUncheckedUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUnchecked
Para athletics - marathonUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedChecked
Para cycling - roadUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUnchecked
Sitting volleyballUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUnchecked
Para cycling - trackUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUnchecked
Para equestrianUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedCheckedCheckedUncheckedCheckedCheckedUnchecked
Para rowingUncheckedUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUnchecked
Para canoeUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedUncheckedCheckedCheckedChecked
Shooting Para sportUncheckedUncheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedCheckedUncheckedUncheckedUnchecked
*OC = Opening Ceremony. CC = Closing Ceremony.

Detailed schedule of individual events

The provisional Paris 2024 Paralympic events schedule(PDF, 910 KB)  for all events has been published (1 Feb 2023).

The Paris 2024 venues

The 549 events – spread across 269 sessions – will be held in awe-inspiring settings: Les Invalides for Para archery; the Champ de Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel tower, for blind football, Para judo and Wheelchair rugby; and the grounds of the Château de Versailles for Para equestrian. These spectacular surroundings, in addition to a packed competition schedule, will make for a unique experience for everybody involved in the Paralympics.

When possible, the Paralympic events will be held at the same venues as the Olympic events.

The Opening Ceremony will take place along the Champs de Mars and in the Place de la Concorde.

Map of Paralympic venues

Paris 2024 Paralympic venues map

Where can I buy tickets for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games?

Paralympic Games tickets are available now. Find out more about how ticketing works at Paris 2024 and get tickets.

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The legacy of the Paris 2024 Paralympic and Olympic Games

Paris 2024’s vision is to organise a spectacular Games to take sport to places it’s never been before as part of celebrations in city centres by building new bridges with culture and education.

It will also be a sustainable and environmentally friendly Games to inspire future generations and leave a valuable legacy for people individually and society as a whole.

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Can I compete in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games?

The ultimate goal for Para athletes is to represent their country at a Paralympic Games. A Para athlete is an athlete that has a disability or impairment that makes them eligible to compete in Para sport. The Pathway section of this site will guide you through what it takes for you to become a Paralympian.

Para athlete and NSO documents

Find documents and information about competing in Paris 2024, including guidance on Qualification, Nomination and Selection.

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