Posted on Thursday 21st March, 2024

The 2024 Para Cycling Track World Championships started this morning in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the Kiwis have already carried off two medals.

Paralympian #222 Nicole Murray (C5) raced the first final of the team in the Women’s C5 500m Time Trial and claimed bronze. Paralympian #225 Anna Taylor (C4) soon followed this up with silver in the Women’s C4 500m Time Trial.

Murray is pleased with a solid start to the week:

“Coming into one of the last big events before the Paralympics, it’s awesome to start strong and claim a medal in my first final. This will count towards the Omnium as well, so it’s setting me up well for the week. It’s my first big event racing with a new prosthetic where I connect to my bike adaptation, and that didn’t go completely smoothly this time, but long term I feel I’ll make solid gains.”

Taylor was thrilled to improve on her qualifying time, shaving off a critical half second in the 500m race:

“I went into the final trying to get a bit of redemption. In the heat I was too sleepy. I went into the final trying to give it all I got, to really be aggressive straight from the beginning. That resulted in a silver. I’m pretty happy!”

C4 Para cyclists Nick Blincoe and Ben Westenberg also kicked off their World Championships in strong form. Both secured qualification for the Men’s C4 Scratch Race, as well as delivering 8th and 9th place finishes respectively in the Omnium – 200m Flying Start. Blincoe and Westenberg proceed to the 4km Individual Pursuit tomorrow morning, while their three teammates contest the Omnium – 200m Flying Start.

Time in NZSTEventAthleteResults
Day 1
Thursday 1.00am-6.30amQualifying WC5 500m Time TrialNicole Murray
Qualifying WC4 500m Time TrialAnna Taylor
Thursday 7.30am-10.45amMC4 Omnium 200m Flying StartNick Blincoe
Ben Westenberg
WC5 500m Time TrialNicole MurrayBronze
WC4 500m Time TrialAnna TaylorSilver
Qualifying MC4 7.5km Scratch RaceNick Blincoe
Ben Westenberg
Day 2
Friday 1.00am-6.20amQualifying MC4 4km Individual PursuitNick Blincoe
Ben Westenberg
WC5 Omnium 200m Flying StartNicole Murray3rd
Friday 7.00am-10.50amWC4 Omnium 200m Flying StartAnna Taylor5th
MC3 Omnium 200m Flying StartDevon BriggsWorld Record!
1st (non medal event)
Day 3
Saturday 1.00am-6.15amQualifying MC3 3km Individual PursuitDevon Briggs
Qualifying WC5 3km Individual PursuitNicole Murray
Qualifying WC4 3km Individual PursuitAnna Taylor
Saturday 7.30am-11.00amMC4 15km Scratch RaceNick Blincoe
Ben Westenberg
MC3 3km Individual PursuitDevon BriggsBronze
WC5 3km Individual PursuitNicole MurraySilver
WC4 3km Individual PursuitAnna Taylor4th
Day 4
Sunday 5.45am-9.00amQualifying MC4 1km Time TrialNick Blincoe
Ben Westenberg
Qualifying MC3 1km Time TrialDevon BriggsWorld record!
Sunday 10.00am-12.15pmWC4 10km Scratch RaceAnna Taylor4th
MC3 1km Time TrialDevon BriggsWorld record!
Day 5
Monday 1.00am-5.15amQualifying 750m Team SprintAnna Taylor
Nick Blincoe
Devon Briggs
Monday 6.15am-8.45am750m Team SprintAnna Taylor
Nick Blincoe
Devon Briggs
WC5 10km Scratch RaceNicole MurrayBronze
Monday 8.50am-9.10amWC5 Omnium Award Ceremony
Monday 9.15am-11.30amMC3 15km Scratch RaceDevon Briggs5th
WC Elimination Race (exhibition)Anna Taylor
Nicole Murray

MC Elimination Race (exhibition)Ben Westenberg
Nick Blincoe
Devon Briggs

Monday 11.30am-1.15pmAward Ceremonies
Omnium placingsWomen's C4Anna TaylorBronze
Women's C5Nicole MurraySilver
Men's C3Devon BriggsSilver

Photos credit Miriam Jeske and Marco Antônio Teixeira, CBC