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News posted on Saturday 28th October, 2023

15-year-old Hamilton entrepreneur inspired by Paralympians

Paul Huggins and PNZ CEO, Greg Warnecke. Both holding a novelty cheque and the cookbook

Family favourites fuel Paralympic feats, with Hamilton schoolboy Paul Huggins’ cookbook

Hillcrest High School student, Paul Huggins, combined his passion for cooking and his lifelong admiration for New Zealand Paralympians to raise funds for Paralympics New Zealand by creating and selling a fantastic inclusive cookbook.

As part of his Year 10 Economics and Enterprise course, Paul was tasked with creating a product to sell at his class’s market day and to members of the community. Paul came up with the idea of a cookbook titled “Favourite Family Recipes”, which he produced under his own company called “Food for Fuel”. With the help of family and friends, Paul curated a diverse collection of recipes, from healthy salads to lunchbox ideas, to sweet treats. The cookbook caters for wide range of dietary restrictions to ensure that everyone is included.

We asked Paul what his favourite recipes from the cookbook are:

“Well, there’s so many to choose from! If I was to choose one from each section, it would probably be ‘Aunty Karen’s Cauliflower Salad’ from the salad section. From the lunch box section, it would be ‘Julie’s Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Pies’ or my ‘Nana’s Gluten-Free Date Scones’.  And then my Dad’s favourite from the sweet section would ‘Gran’s Chocolate Caramel Slice’. I also can’t forget ‘Poppa’s Ambrosia’ though, that’s something else!”

Paul selected PNZ to receive the profits of his market day sales. It was a no-brainer for Paul; he is a lifelong fan of the NZ Paralympic Team. He was only 4 years old when he greeted NZ Paralympians returning from the London 2012 Paralympic Games at Auckland Airport.

“I remember the London 2012 Paralympic Games, and I remember watching Sophie Pascoe, Mary Fisher and Cameron Leslie. I just thought, wow, this is something really cool! There are disabled people doing just as well, if not better, than Olympians.”

Paul also fondly recalls meeting Michael Johnson, Paralympian #148 and holding his bronze medal. Since that encounter at a young age, Paul has avidly followed NZ Paralympians, celebrating their victories and drawing inspiration from their unwavering determination.

After the success of his fundraising, Paul travelled to Auckland to visit the PNZ Office and present the $514 cheque. During his visit, Paul shared a message for NZ Para athletes:

Don’t feel like because you have a disability that you should hide it. Embrace yourself. You’re doing a remarkable job not only representing your country but representing people that have disabilities through the world of sport… Just keep doing what you’re doing, and I hope the funds I’ve raised can support you further. It’s incredible what NZ Para athletes are able to do, and I want to continue to see them thrive and bring home some gold medals.

Paul Huggins

Thank you Paul!

If you are interested in purchasing a cookbook, please register your interest below. We will review order numbers on 11 November and be in touch to confirm your purchase.

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