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Paralympic Village


Team members will be issued with a Paralympic Games Identity & Accreditation Card (PIAC). These will be distributed either to your Team Manager or upon arrival into Paris. Your PIAC will be activated when you enter the Village for the first time.  Your PIAC will allow you access to specific competition venues and Village. You will need to have your PIAC on you at all times. You will be denied access to various facilities including competition venues if you do not have this on you. There are different levels of access for support staff, these will be explained to you by your Team Manager or Lynette Grace.

Paralympic Village


Address: 1 Place Pleyel 93200 Saint-Denis

View or download a comprehensive map of the Paralympic Village below.


Resident Centres


The Paralympic Village has four residential sectors. Six Resident Centres will be conveniently located around the Paralympic Village. Four of these centres will be open from 07:00-23:00 and two Super Resident Centres will be open 24 hours a day.

Resident Centre services include:

  • Accommodation-related requests – Issue resolution and requests relating to cleaning, housekeeping, and maintenance can be made at the Resident Centres. Details about the issue resolution process will be provided later.
  • Bed linen and towel exchange – Residents will be able to exchange used bed linen and towels for clean ones.
  • Concierge services – Resident Centre staff will be able to provide basic tourist information about Paris as well as information regarding Village services. For specific tourist information, residents should visit the Tourist & Cultural Information Centre (Copernic) in the Village Plaza.
  • Co-working space – Internet access and a photocopier will be available to residents on request or at the Super Resident Centres. Village residents can use tables and chairs to work.
  • Drinks – Coca-Cola vending machines or water fountains will be available in the Paralympic Village. Drinks will be free-of-charge to Village Residents with a Coca-Cola fob.
  • Ice – Ice (for medical purposes) will be available in each Resident Centre and Super Resident Centre.
  • Info+ – stations will be available in each of the Resident and Super Resident Centres.
  • Ironing – Ironing boards and irons will be available for self-service in each Resident Centre. Residents will be asked to use the irons on site.
  • Lost and found – A lost property register will be kept at all Resident Centres. Residents will be directed to the specific Resident Centre where their items will be stored, ready for collection.
  • Lost/replacement keys – If a Village resident needs assistance to return to their room because they have lost their key or cannot open the door, Resident Centre staff will be able to assist upon receipt of the relevant authorisation from the Chef de Mission or their authorised NPC representative. Replacement of a lost or damaged key will be at the expense of the NPC.
  • TV lounges – Comfortable TV lounges with TVs showing coverage of the Paralympic Games and other cable commercial channels content.
  • Village Club – Has been designed by and for athletes. This space, which faces the river Seine, is designed as a space where residents can relax and socialise. The space is divided into three sub spaces, each of them having a specific ambiance and concept. The disconnection bubble (sub-space 1) offers relaxing activities within a natural and calm environment; the social zone (sub-space 2) is the perfect location for athletes to meet and socialise, with a large screen showing coverage of the Games and a bar that will serve non alcoholic drinks. The play zone (sub space 3) is dedicated to games, with video games, arcade games and table football.



A housekeeping service will be available to residents free of charge. Apartments will be cleaned, and beds will be made prior to NPC arrivals at the Paralympic Village.

Accommodation will be cleaned as follows:

  • Each Chef de Mission will be given the housekeeping schedule for their NPC’s spaces.
  • Beds will not be made up if residents leave personal items on beds. Beds must be kept free of such items.
  • If an apartment or bedroom is deemed too dirty to be cleaned, or presents a health and safety risk, this will be reported to the Chef de Mission.
  • Do not disturb’ signs will be placed on each bedroom door. If residents place a ‘do not disturb’ sign on their bedroom door, the bedrooms will not be cleaned but other rooms in the apartment will be cleaned. The bedroom will only be cleaned during the next cleaning cycle.
  • If a ‘do not disturb’ sign is placed on the apartment door the apartment, the apartment will not be cleaned until the next cleaning cycle.
  • Bed linen and towels can be exchanged at the Resident Centres
  • A 24-hour cleaning service will be available to deal with any unforeseen circumstances or specific requests.



 A free-of-charge laundry service will be available to all Village residents. In total, there will be eight laundries which will be open from 07:00-22:00.

  • The pick-up and drop-off desks for laundry will be available on the ground floor of buildings and are evenly distributed around the Paralympic Village.
  • On arrival at the Paralympic Village, residents will find two 1.5kg laundry bags with an ID code, provided by Paris 2024, on their beds
    • one for white clothes and one for coloured clothes.
  • Residents will be responsible for sorting their clothes appropriately and for ensuring that they do not overfill the bags.
  • If laundry bags are dropped-off before 10:00, collection will be available after 18:00 on the same day.
  • Residents can collect clean laundry only at the desk where it was dropped off.


Multi-Faith Centre

 The Multi-Faith Centre is located in the south of the Residential Zone. In collaboration with representatives of various faiths, the Multi-Faith Centre provides a location and suitable facilities for religious practices, such as prayer and quiet meditation.

The Multi-Faith Centre will provide services for Village residents for the following faiths:

  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Judaism

The centre will be open from 07:00-23:00 from 21 August 2024, with the possibility of accessing certain rooms 24 hours a day. A reception area will be available where residents can get information and schedules of the various religious services offered in Paris.

Booking of workshop space for use by specific faiths not mentioned above can be requested by residents at the Multi-Faith Centre.


Main Dining Hall

The Main Dining Hall, also known as Cité du Cinéma, is located in the heart of the Residential Zone, close to the Transport Mall. It was built in 1933 to power the Paris metro and was later converted into film studios.

The Main Dining Hall will have a seating capacity of around 3,000 and will be open 24 hours a day from 18 August 2024. During pre-opening, one patio will be open from 06:00-10:00 for breakfast, from 12:00-15:00 for lunch and from 18:00-23:00 for dinner.

The Main Dining Hall will feature five food courts serving dishes from all over the world. For ease of movement, all food courts will offer a variety of high-demand products. Each area will feature a particular theme, including French, international, Asian and halal.

A menu, rotated on an eight-day cycle, will provide a wide range of meal choices, and will cater to all nutritional and dietary requirements, taking into consideration cultural, nutritional, religious, and vegetarian requirements.

Restaurant staff will be available to help anyone who needs assistance.

The Village caterers will follow the appropriate guidelines regarding halal and kosher meals. Kosher meals will be on request only. More information about the order process will be communicated later.

At the entrance to the Cité du Cinéma, there will be an IPC athletes’ space including a voting station for the IPC Athletes’ Council and a corner for the World Anti-Doping Agency outreach programme.


Main Dining Hall Access

There will be two entrances to the Main Dining Hall:

  • The main entrance, near the Transport Mall, will be open 24 hours a day.
  • A secondary entrance, near the river Seine, will be closed from 23:00 (opening hours will be confirmed later).

Before entering the Main Dining Hall, residents will be asked to place their bags in the baggage check area, a secure environment located close to the main entrance, with a smaller storage area located near the Seine entrance.

Only individuals with knife & fork dining privileges on their PIAC or those with a meal voucher will be allowed to dine in the Main Dining Hall. Also, access to the Main Dining Hall will not be permitted with glass bottles, with the exception of reusable bottles.

In compliance with food safety rules, residents may only remove hand-held food and drink from the Main Dining Hall (for example, a piece of fruit or an item currently being consumed). Disinfection and/ or hand-washing stations will be set up at the entrance to each restaurant. Gloves will also be available in front of the buffets in each restaurant.

Any residents unable to eat at the Main Dining Hall due to injury or illness may have food collected for them by a member of their NPC.

A form will be available at the Catering Desk at the entrance to the Main Dining Hall and on the IPC

Exchange. This authorisation form must be signed by an NPC doctor or by Paris 2024 medical staff. The form will also be available at the polyclinic for Paris 2024 medical staff only. The designated person must have knife & fork dining privileges and show the required authorisation.


Nutritional information and sanitary measures

Allergens and nutritional information will be indicated on menus in both French and English. The Main Dining Hall will house a Nutritional desk, where staff will provide additional information on the nutritional composition of the meals on offer.

At Games time, the following services will be available from 05:00-01:00:

  • Information regarding food and beverage services at the Main Dining Hall (e.g., where to find specific products)
  • Sale of birthday cakes for NPCs
  • Kosher meal orders
  • Submission of remote meal request form (see below)

Professional nutritionists will be available to advise Village residents from 10:00-17:00.


Grab and Go Stations

Four Grab & Go stations will be strategically located around the Paralympic Village, offering a variety of pastries, sandwiches, burgers, snacks, hot and cold drinks. The menu may vary according to the time of day and the availability of items. The Grab & Go stations will be open from 06:00-21:00 from 21 August 2024. They will be temporary and will be similar to food trucks.

The Grab & Go station in front of the Transport Mall will have a seating area and the concept will be similar to a food court, offering various food and drink stands (barista, food truck, etc.). It will be open from 07:00-22:00 from 18 August 2024. Only individuals with knife & fork dining privileges on their PIAC will be allowed to consume or take away food items from Grab & Go stations.

Village Plaza

The Village Plaza will offer a variety of services from 09:00-21:00 during the opening period of the Paralympic Village and are accessible to residents as well as those visiting the Paralympic Village on a guest pass. Services are not free of charge unless specified.

  • Athletes’ lounge operated by Samsung
  • ATM and currency exchange service – An ATM accepting multiple international cards will be accessible 24/7 in the Village Plaza. The currency exchange service will be available according to the operating hours of the Village Plaza, and will offer currency exchange from international currencies (exact list to be confirmed) into EUR. Currency exchange from EUR into international currencies (exact list to be confirmed) will need to be requested at the currency exchange service the day before, except for USD which will be available. Travellers’ cheques will not be accepted at the currency exchange service.
  • General store – A general store will provide a wide range of products and food for sale in the Paralympic Village. The exact list of products will be shared shortly. NPCs will have the opportunity to order products from a catalogue for delivery the following day in the Village Plaza general store.
  • Hair salon – The beauty salon will propose 3 types of services (hair services, nails services and grooming). Hair services will be provided free of charge for athletes (Aa).
  • Merchandise store selling official Paris 2024 products
  • Post office – The post office will enable residents and guests to send letters and parcels, nationally and internationally, and will sell necessary material such as stamps, boxes etc.
  • Village Plaza Café
  • Florist – located in the general store
  • Tourist and cultural services information centre – Information service for residents and guests regarding Paris and the surrounding area.

Village Plaza Café

The Plaza Café is located in the Village Plaza and will offer paid services (VISA or cash) for both Village residents and visitors (e.g., media and guests). It will operate from 09:00-21:00 and will serve hot and cold sandwiches, salads, hot dishes, pastries, fruit salads, snacks, hot and cold drinks. A salad bar will allow customers to make their own salads and a barista will also be available.

A click & collect system will be available at the entrance to the café. There will be indoor and outdoor seating. Customers will be able to eat in or take away.

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