An athletics coach explains something to an athlete in a racing wheelchair

Gain confidence, knowledge, capability and creativity to coach and support Para athletes.

What is LevelUp?

LevelUp is for coaches to gain confidence, knowledge, capability and creativity to coach disabled athletes.

It includes a series of online modules for coaching disabled athletes no matter whether you are just starting out or want to grow your skills. 

The modules are available on the Sport NZ learning platform, Sport Tutor. That means you can learn in your own time, at your own pace.

Check out what LevelUp looks like below

What’s covered in the resources?

LevelUp resources are made up of 9 modules. Once you complete the first 2 modules, it will unlock 7 additional impairment specific modules.

  • Introduction to Para Sport
  • Classification for Coaches
  • Coaching for Intellectual Impairment
  • Coaching for Athletes with Impaired Muscle Power
  • Coaching for Impaired (Passive) Range of Motion
  • Coaching for Neurological Impairments
  • Coaching for Athletes with Limb deficiencies
  • Coaching for Vision Impaired Athletes
  • Coaching for Short Stature Athletes
A young person playing wheelchair basketball smiles with arms wide

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