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Para lawn bowls

Para junior athletes having a go at lawn bowls supervised by Peter Blick during the New Zealand Commonwealth Games Para Lawn Bowls & Athletics Team Announcements at Carlton Cornwall Bowls Club on November 22, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand

The last time Para lawn bowls was on a Paralympic Games programme was Atlanta 1996, when two New Zealand Para athletes competed. It is not currently contested at the Paralympic Games. Para lawn bowls is, however, on the Commonwealth Games programme.

How do you play Para lawn bowls?

Para bowlers play on a lawn bowls green within a ‘rink’ area – there are usually 6 rinks per green. Play begins when the first competitor (determined by coin toss) rolls a small ball called the ‘jack’ at least 23 metres down the green.  

Competitors take it in turns to roll their bowls. Their goal is to be closer to the jack than any of those of their opponent. Points are awarded for each bowl that is closest to the jack. 

In singles competition, the first to score 21 points will win, whereas in pairs, the team that has amassed the most points in total will secure the victory. 

Who can play Para lawn bowls?

Those with an eligible visual impairment (classes B1-B4) or physical impairment (classes B5-B8) can compete in Para lawn bowls. Both ambulant and wheelchair players may be eligible. Find out more about eligible impairments on the International Bowls for the Disabled website.

How can I get involved in Para lawn bowls?

Para lawn bowls in New Zealand is organised by two associations:

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