Posted on Saturday 5th August, 2023

Cambridge teenager Devon Briggs has carried off another medal for New Zealand in the Glasgow 2023 Cycling World Championships. Interviewed after winning bronze, Briggs shared how pleased he was with how the C3 Kilometre Time Trial went:

“It was an amazing ride. It was really cool. In that last lap I just thought about keeping position and just keeping my legs turning. I dug deep and gave that everything.”

Briggs, who was born with severe club feet, finished just +0.644 seconds behind the UK’s Jaco van Gass in first place. The UK’s Graham Finlay was in second place, and the home crowd in Glasgow were delighted with the double medal win for the UK.

Coach Damian Wiseman believes Devon has stepped up his game in this World Championships:

“Devon rode two solid rides today and backed up with the same time, something he hasn’t done before in competition. He has well and truly inserted himself into the battle at the top of the C3 classification. Devon performed well at his first worlds last year, but the level of racing at this World Championships a year out from the Paralympics has stepped up a level. It is great to see him step up with the rest of the world.”

Teammates Ben Westenberg and Nick Blincoe weren’t as lucky as Briggs, finishing 9th and 15th respectively in the C4 qualifiers for the same event. Despite riding well, they didn’t quite have the legs to push through for the placings they were looking for.

The C4 Scratch Race saw tactical skills on display from Paralympian #225 Anna Taylor. Always in the right place, Taylor demonstrated her progression from last year’s World Championships both in her speed and her strategic understanding of her race. She was outfoxed by the Swiss and American teams who had multiple cyclists in the race able to support each other, as well as by a spectacular sprint finish from China’s Xiaohui Li who claimed gold. Taylor placed 4th.

Paralympian #213 Sarah Ellington rode a solid race in the 200m C2 Time Trial, finishing 9th. She continues to build confidence and capability in this event.

Coach Damian Wiseman was pleased with the performances:

“We had solid rides from all of our athletes today. These Championships are important to us not just for themselves but also for valuable Paralympic Games qualification points. The work that all of our athletes are doing here is critical for that.”


AthleteEventResultSports Class

Day 1

Nicole Murray3Km Individual Pursuit Qualifying2nd (qualified for gold final) +3.325 + PBWC5
Anna Taylor3Km Individual Pursuit Qualifying3rd (qualified for bronze final) +7.713 + PBWC4
Sarah Ellington3Km Individual Pursuit Qualifying5th +22.023WC2
Ben Westenberg4Km Individual Pursuit Qualifying5th +7.016 + PBMC4
Nick Blincoe4Km Individual Pursuit Qualifying22nd +37.730MC4
Devon Briggs3Km Individual Pursuit Qualifying4th (qualified for bronze final) +7.416MC3

Day 2

Nicole Murray500m Time Trial Qualifying3rd +0.998WC5
Ben Westenberg200m FS Time Trial 4th +0.962MC4
Nick Blincoe200m FS Time Trial 7th +1.232MC4
Nicole Murray500m Time Trial Finals Bronze +0.639WC5

Day 3

Sarah Ellington200m FS Time Trial 9thWC2
Devon BriggsKilometre Time Trial Qualifying2nd (qualified for final)MC3
Nick BlincoeKilometre Time Trial Qualifying15th +6.901MC4
Ben WestenbergKilometre Time Trial Qualifying9th +4.833MC4
Devon BriggsKilometre Time Trial Finals Bronze +0.644MC3
Anna Taylor10Km Scratch Final4thWC4

Day 4

Nicole Murray200m FS Time Trial 4thWC5
Nicole Murray3Km Individual Pursuit Finals Silver WC5
Devon Briggs15Km Scratch Finals BronzeMC3

Day 5

Sarah Ellington500m Time Trial Qualifying9thWC2
Devon Briggs200m FS Time Trial1st (non-medal event)MC3
Anna Taylor500m Time Trial Qualifying5th +3.092WC4
Nick Blincoe15Km Scratch Finals20thMC4
Ben Westenberg15Km Scratch Finals SilverMC4
Anna Taylor500m Time Trial Finals4th +2.604WC4
Devon Briggs3Km Individual Finals BronzeMC3

Day 6

Anna Taylor200m FS Time Trial 2nd (non-medal event)WC4
Anna Taylor3Km Individual Pursuit Finals4thWC4
Nicole Murray10Km Scratch Finals4thWC5

Day 7

TBCTeam Sprint Qualifying9thM/WC1-5
Sarah Ellington10Km Scratch Finals8thWC2


Ben WestenbergOmnium BronzeC4
Nick BlincoeOmnium11thC4
Devon BriggsOmnium BronzeC3
Anna TaylorOmnium GoldC4
Sarah EllingtonOmnium7thC2
Nicole MurrayOmnium GoldC5

Looking ahead to Day 4

On day 4, New Zealand Para cyclists compete in three races, with three medal prospects. First up, Nicole Murray will tackle the 200m C5 Time Trial. Later in the day, she competes again in the 3km Individual Pursuit finals. Finally, Devon Briggs will get to work in the 15km Scratch Race.

See the schedule of when the New Zealanders compete
. Livestreaming is available for some events, and links to the livestreams are provided on the schedule.


The UCI Cycling World Championships have been dubbed the ‘Super Worlds’. They bring together 13 different World Championships in various cycling disciplines into one massive event in Glasgow, Scotland. The Para cyclists will compete in track events until next Tuesday 8th August. Following that they then contest road events from Wednesday 9th August through to Sunday 13th August.


  • Classification groups Para cyclists with an eligible impairment into sports classes, according to how much their impairment affects their ability to carry out the fundamental activities in their sport.
  • Para athletes who are able to use a standard bicycle (with approved adaptations) compete in the five sport classes C1-5.
  • Sport class C1 is allocated to athletes with the most severe activity limitation. The sport class C5 is allocated to athletes with minimum impairments.
  • The C1-5 sport classes include athletes with limb deficiency, impaired muscle power or range of motion and impairments affecting co-ordination, such as uncoordinated movements and involuntary movements.