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News posted on Monday 24th April, 2023

Second bronze for Eltje completes Italian Para Cycling World Cup

Eltje Malzbender relaxes on trike after race, with support rider John Blake beside

The New Zealand Para Cycling Team have completed the Maniago Road Para Cycling World Cup with two bronze medals for Eltje Malzbender. Fortunes were mixed for the remaining team members.

Paralympian #220 Eltje Malzbender (T1) had a rewarding World Cup, taking bronze in the Road Race as well as her day 1 bronze medal in the Time Trial. Trike-rider Eltje completed the Road Race course in 1:06:17.

Meanwhile the C-class riders had a few hurdles thrown their way.

Paralympian #222 Nicole Murray (C5) battled slipping gears in the Time Trial, nonetheless finishing an impressive 5th place in 43:17.48. She had better luck in her Road Race, working with other riders to liven the race up and finishing 4th in the bunch sprint by half a wheel.

The Time Trial went well for Paralympian #213 Sarah Ellington (C2), who gave a solid performance to finish 5th. Sarah also rode strongly in the Road Race but missed the winning break which saw three C2 riders slip away. She continued to ride strongly to finish 7th in the final kick to the line.

It was the first Road World Cup outing since 2019 for Paralympian #225 Anna Taylor (C4). She had a good start in the Time Trial, finishing 9th. In the Road Race Anna missed the lead bunch in the first lap to be left riding solo for the next 60km. She persevered, toughing it out to get through the race and finish with valuable points.

Independent New Zealand Para cyclist Liz Gasson (C3) competed in the Time Trial, finishing 8th.

Para Cycling Team Coach Damian Wiseman said:

“We saw solid performances from all the team, and the results don’t necessarily indicate how impressive the performances were. Awesome to see Eltje Malzbender on the podium in both her races – she put in fantastic work. It’s a strong start to the Road season for Anna Taylor. Nicole Murray’s result in the Time Trial is really encouraging given she spent three-quarters of the race with a mechanical. Sarah Ellington’s performances were strong and I think we will continue to successfully build on these performances through the next two World Cups.”


The Para cyclists will next compete in Ostend, Belgium, which hosts round two of the Para Cycling Road World Cup (4-7 May). The third and final round is in the USA, in Huntsville, Alabama (26-29 May).

New Zealand Para Cycling Team results

Para athlete

Sports class

Time Trial

Road Race

Sarah Ellington

Women's C2



Anna Taylor

Women's C4



Nicole Murray

Women's C5



Eltje Malzbender

Women's T1



Liz Gasson (independent athlete)

Women's C3



For detailed results see results link .

What do the classifications mean in Para cycling?

  • Classification groups Para cyclists with an eligible impairment into sports classes, according to how much their impairment affects their ability to carry out the fundamental activities in their sport.
  • Para athletes who are able to use a standard bicycle (with approved adaptations) compete in the five sport classes C1-5.
  • Sport class C1 is allocated to athletes with the most severe activity limitation, while the sport class C5 is allocated to athletes with minimum impairments.
  • The C1-5 sport classes include athletes with limb deficiency, impaired muscle power or range of motion and impairments affecting co-ordination, such as uncoordinated movements and involuntary movements.

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