Posted on Wednesday 9th November, 2022
  • Swimmer Tate Pichon has seized the first gold medal for New Zealand in the Virtus Oceania Asia Games.
  • New Zealanders won a total of 8 medals across swimming and athletics on Day 3 of the OA Games.
  • Virtus is the International Federation for athletes with intellectual impairment. The Virtus Oceania Asia Games 2022 (OA Games 2022) is an international multi-sport event in the Oceania Asia region for elite athletes with an intellectual impairment. It is being held 5-11 November 2022 in Brisbane.

Day 3 of the Virtus Oceania Asia Games saw more proud moments for New Zealanders, as 8 medals were claimed by the NZ delegation across athletics and swimming events.

The icing on the cake was swimmer Tate Pichon (S19) seizing gold in the final moments of the 800m freestyle II3. It was the first gold medal to New Zealand in the competition. An excited Pichon explained what it meant to him:

“It’s a huge achievement. The biggest achievement I ever had.”

Also in swimming, Finn Russ and Lance Dustow (both S19) added to their medal hauls with a silver and a bronze apiece in the 100m butterfly and the 50m freestyle II3. Helen Mackay (S14) claimed her first medal – a silver – in the 800m freestyle II1. New Zealand’s S14 relay teams in II1 continued to show their combined strength with bronze to the mixed team in the 4x100m medley and a 4th place finish for the men’s team in the 4x100m freestyle.

Meanwhile in athletics, Joshua Lush (T20) had another fantastic day with a second medal in his second event – this time bronze in the long jump II1.

New Zealand’s medal tally now sits at 19, including 1 gold, 8 silver and 10 bronze.

Competition continues through the week (schedule link) with more results expected tomorrow. Check out Day 2 results here.

New Zealand delegation results at Virtus Oceania Asia Games 2022 Day 3

Para sportAthleteSports classEventResultPlacing
AthleticsJoshua LushT20Long Jump T20 II16.47mBronze
SwimmingDavid BeckS14800m freestyle II110:06.7 PB + NZR5th
SwimmingJack BuglerS14800m freestyle II110:07.5 PB6th
SwimmingBailey ConlonS14800m freestyle II110:49.57th
SwimmingHelen MackayS14800m freestyle II115:03.1 PB + NZRSilver
SwimmingTate PichonS19800m freestyle II311:05.5 PBGold
SwimmingBailey ConlonS1450m freestyle II128.9813th
SwimmingXavier DenverS1450m freestyle II129.9715th
SwimmingCuda Tawhai-HamiltonS1450m freestyle II132.9718th
SwimmingJames HaydonS14 (youth)50m freestyle II130.99 PB6th
SwimmingRylee SayerS14 (youth)50m freestyle II132.69 PB + NZR 16/U-
SwimmingLuka WillemsS1850m freestyle II238.53 PB4th
SwimmingFinn RussS1950m freestyle II327.88 PBSilver
SwimmingLance DustowS1950m freestyle II329.53 PBBronze
SwimmingTate PichonS1950m freestyle II332.75 PB7th
SwimmingAsher Smith-FranklinS14100m butterfly II101:03.9 PB + NZR11th
SwimmingDavid BeckS14100m butterfly II101:12.317th
SwimmingXavier DenverS14100m butterfly II101:15.2 PB19th
SwimmingLance DustowS19100m butterfly II301:10.2 PBSilver
SwimmingFinn RussS19100m butterfly II301:15.5 PBBronze
SwimmingJames HaydonS14 (youth)200m breaststroke II13:11.97 PB-
SwimmingDavid Beck, Jack Bugler, Bailey Conlon, Asher Smith-FranklinS144x100m freestyle II104:07.24th
SwimmingJack Bugler, Rylee Sayer, Asher Smith-Franklin, Helen MackayS144x100m medley (mixed) II105:56.2Bronze