Posted on Wednesday 9th November, 2022
  • The New Zealand delegation has had a great Day 2 in the Virtus Oceania Asia Games.
  • The New Zealanders achieved 5 silver and 6 bronze medals in an action-packed day of swimming and athletics.
  • Virtus is the International Federation for athletes with intellectual impairment. The Virtus Oceania Asia Games 2022 (OA Games 2022) is an international multi-sport event in the Oceania Asia region for elite athletes with an intellectual impairment. It is being held 5-11 November 2022 in Brisbane.

The New Zealand delegation is thrilled with a fantastic first day of swimming and athletics competitions at the Virtus Oceania Asia Games.

Swimmer Lance Dustow (S19) who won 3 silver medals and a bronze described representing New Zealand:

“It’s amazing! It’s the best thing I could ever be a part of, left me in tears standing up there.”

Swimming New Zealand’s Disability and Para Swimming Participation Manager, Cameron Leslie, is with the team in Brisbane. He says there were tonnes of proud moments for New Zealand throughout Tuesday. One that stood out for him was the NZ Men’s II1 relay team, Cuda Tawhai-Hamilton, Jack Bugler, Denver Xavier and Asher Smith-Franklin winning bronze.

“I loved seeing Cuda, Jack, Denver and Asher winning bronze in the 4x50m freestyle relay. The team set a NZ record in the process, but more importantly supported each other and overcame the challenge.”

Competition continues through the week (schedule link) with more swimming results expected later today.

New Zealand delegation results at Virtus Oceania Games 2022 Day 1

Para sportAthleteSports classEventResultPlacing
AthleticsJoshua LushT20100m II211.62Silver
SwimmingAsher Smith-FranklinS14200m butterfly II202:27.7Bronze
SwimmingLance DustowS19400m Freestyle II305:08.3Silver 
SwimmingTate PichonS19400m Freestyle II305:25.5Bronze 
SwimmingCuda Tawhai-Hamilton, Jack Bugler, Denver Xavier, Asher Smith-FranklinS144x50 freestyle relay II101:57.6Bronze
SwimmingDenver XavierS1450m backstroke II138.5710th
SwimmingLance DustowS1950m backstroke II334.39Silver
SwimmingFinn RussS1950m backstroke II334.77Bronze
SwimmingTate PichonS1950m backstroke II340.477th
SwimmingBailey ConlonS14100m freestyle II101:02.38th
SwimmingLuka WillemsS18100m freestyle II201:27.1Bronze
SwimmingFinn RussS19100m freestyle II301:01.8Silver
SwimmingLance DustowS19100m freestyle II301:05.8Bronze 
SwimmingTate PichonS19100m freestyle II301:08.75th  
SwimmingDavid BeckS14100m backstroke II101:14.614th
SwimmingDenver XavierS14100m backstroke II101:19.117th
SwimmingLance DustowS19100m backstroke II301:15.9Silver
SwimmingTate PichonS19100m backstroke II301:30.56th

For details of the full delegation see our team announcement.

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