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News posted on Monday 24th October, 2022

Omnium bronze, silver, and gold for New Zealand on final day of Para Cycling Track World Championships

Sarah, Anna, Nicole, Devon, Nick outside Velodrome

Key points:

  • New Zealand Para cyclists have claimed three more medals today at the Para Cycling Track World Championships as the Omnium results are announced.
  • Paralympian #222 Nicole Murray doubles down on yesterday’s gold medal – her first – by claiming first place in the Omnium.
  • Debutant Devon Briggs achieved an incredible 2nd place in the Omnium, bringing home another silver medal for New Zealand.
  • Paralympian #225 Anna Taylor secured bronze in the Omnium through her perseverance in the highly competitive C4 scratch race.

The New Zealand Para cycling team have completed the Para Cycling Track World Championships with 7 medals, thanks to 3 medals won today in the Omnium.

Paralympian #222 Nicole Murray becomes a double World Champion with her Omnium win. The Omnium is a combination of points gained from placings in the Flying 200m, the 500m Time Trial, the Individual Pursuit and the Scratch Race.

Murray explains that the Scratch Race was her highlight.

“Being able to keep my head in the Scratch Race. Being fit enough to be able to make clear decisions without just trying to work hard to stay on the wheels. It was really cool! Winning the Scratch Race – and actually the Omnium – was a complete surprise.”

Murray isn’t resting on her laurels though – she has gained new motivation in her preparation for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

“This week has given me a fire to train harder when I get home, just a lot of motivation to work hard in the things I could have done better this competition.”

On his World Championships debut, Devon Briggs has shown he’s a force to be reckoned with in the C4 classification. His culmination of points across the disciplines allowed him to take home another silver medal in the Omnium. He couldn’t be more thrilled, explaining:

“Amazing. We had a bloody good run. Now, I can’t wait to give my mum and dad a really big hug when I get home.”

Meanwhile Anna Taylor’s two bronze medals herald better times ahead for the Paralympian, who has battled illness in what she describes as a tough year.

“It was a confidence-booster. I have not had the best year in terms of my health. The confidence in placing as well as I did in the form that I’m in. I’m looking forward to just being healthy and training well.”

The remaining team members Para athlete Nick Blincoe and Paralympian #213 Sarah Ellington also come away with positive experiences. Ellington, who was just shy of medalling on more than one occasion during the week takes many learnings from the week, saying it’s invaluable practice for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games:

“It’s been an amazing week. To come to Paris with the Games here in 2024. To see the Velodrome and get to ride on it, to do the whole flight path – coming from New Zealand it’s so far.”

The majority of the team arrive back in New Zealand on Wednesday.

New Zealand medals in the Para Cycling Track World Championships

Para athleteRaceResult
Anna Taylor500m Time Trial (C4)Bronze
Anna TaylorOmnium (C4)Bronze
Devon Briggs1km Time Trial (C4)Silver
Devon BriggsOmnium (C4)Silver
Nicole Murray3km Individual Pursuit (C5)Bronze
Nicole Murray10km Scratch Race (C5)Gold
Nicole MurrayOmniumGold

Further information and full results.

About the 2022 Para Cycling Track World Championships 

  • The 2022 Para Cycling Track World Championships are being held in Velodrome Saint Quentin en Yvelines, near Paris.
  • The Velodrome Saint Quentin en Yvelines is also the venue for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.
  • 230 Para athletes from 39 nations are competing – a record number of nations.

What do the classifications mean in Para cycling?

  • Classification groups Para cyclists with an eligible impairment into sports classes, according to how much their impairment affects their ability to carry out the fundamental activities in their sport.
  • Para athletes who are able to use a standard bicycle (with approved adaptations) compete in the five sport classes C1-5.
  • Sport class C1 is allocated to athletes with the most severe activity limitation, while the sport class C5 is allocated to athletes with minimum impairments.
  • The C1-5 sport classes include athletes with limb deficiency, impaired muscle power or range of motion and impairments affecting co-ordination, such as uncoordinated movements and involuntary movements.

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