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News posted on Wednesday 30th August, 2023

Kiwis show solidarity with Paralympians on 40,000km journey to Paris and back

A family run and wheelchair through a park

This virtual journey is now complete! Thanks for your support.

  • The NZ Paralympic Team has invited Kiwis to join them on a virtual journey to Paris and back called One Team to Paris.
  • People from around the motu are walking, running, wheelchairing, cycling, swimming, skiing – any activity that gets them moving.
  • The goal is to get to a total of 40,000km.

This week marks one year to go until the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games and the excitement is palpable in the NZ Paralympic Team about what could be possible next year. As Paralympians and Para athletes start their one-year countdown, they have invited Kiwis to come on the journey.

Progress so far

Paris 2024 Chef de Mission Raylene Bates explains why she is upbeat about how big Paris 2024 could be for New Zealand:

“It has been a winter of thrilling Para sport performances, including world champion moments in Para athletics, Para swimming and Para cycling. Kiwis are rightfully proud of the NZ Paralympic Team, which punches above its weight on the world stage.”

The road to a Paralympics is a long, tough one for athletes, many of whom put in hours and hours of training each week.

Para athlete and bladerunner Mitch Joynt describes the atmosphere in the Para athletics programme:

“We have a great squad, we push each other to get better. We have fun, but also push each other to get through the tough workouts. I see how hard everyone grinds day in and day out to get to wear the black singlet at the Paralympic Games next year. It would be the proudest moment of my life, for sure.”

Mitch and Joe smile with their arms around each other's shoulders, standing on the track on a sunny evening.
Para athlete Mitch Joynt (left) trains with Para athlete Joe Smith (right) on the track at AUT Millennium

Joynt goes on to say:

“The support of New Zealanders means so much. It drives me to train and to perform. I want to make this country proud. I want people from adults to kids to see me chasing my dreams and have that give them the courage to chase their own.”

World Champion Para cyclist and Paralympian #225 Anna Taylor encourages New Zealanders to join in on the Paralympic Team’s journey to Paris.

“We couldn’t do what we do without the backing of 5 million New Zealanders. Everyone is welcome on the One Team to Paris. Get behind your Paralympic Team – you’re going to want to be part of this.”

Paralympian Anna Taylor encourages Kiwis to get behind the NZ Paralympic Team.

Find One Team to Paris at

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